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The Experience LIVE: Follow this guideline to ensure snow thickness is compatible with your activity:  Tips: Ice is never 100% safe. Take necessary precautions. Consult with your city administration and fire station. Follow their advice. Dress for the occasion ! Don’t go deep on the lake surface. Always mark your safe zone and get players...


Founded in 2011, Strykers Cricket Club is a 501(c)3 organization and a premier cricket club based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Over a span of 7 years we have won more championships than any other club in the history of Minnesota Cricket.

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@StrykersCC - 1 day

Twin Win Weekend What a great kickoff to Tatiana T20 Tournament. Both Strykers Knights and Strykers Assassins won…

@StrykersCC - 1 day

Tatiana Update: Strykers Knights beat Friends by 10 Wickets -- 53/0 in 8 overs chasing 50 in 15 overs.

@StrykersCC - 1 week

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